Conscious Connections
Networking Roundtable for Job Seekers

If you are actively seeking work, please consider joining us for our weekly meetings, which alternate between Seattle and Bellevue locations.  We meet on Mondays from 10:00 am to 11:45 am.  See below for dates.

Attending the Roundtable is a great way to create connection and structure, two important elements for sanity and success in the job search.  Learn about current labor market conditions that affect your search, receive valuable support and networking contacts and offer your own skills and insights as a resource to others. 

The groups are co-facilitated by three, highly experienced career transition specialists Teresa Dahl, Paula Fitzgerald Boos and Diane Kane.
We also invite you to join our Linked In Group“Conscious Connections” – to make it even easier to share job leads, articles, great ideas and to expand our connections.  Meeting information will also be posted here.

Seattle location:  Seattle University Campus
Administration Building (ADMN) Room #324
Closest garage is the Broadway garage
Link to a map of SU http://www.seattleu.edu/maps/

There is no fee to attend the Seattle group. 

Meeting dates:  5/9, 5/23, 6/6, 6/20 etc.

Bellevue location:  Studio C Suite 7
Cascade Place I
13256 NE 20th Avenue (Northup Way)
Bellevue, WA  98005

(On the left/north side of the street; look for the Hen Sen Herbs, a business on the front end of the building.  Be sure to park in a spot that is not numbered.)

We ask for a $5 donation at the Bellevue location to defray the cost of the space.

Meeting dates:  5/2, 5/16, 5/30, 6/13 etc.

Please contact Diane Kane at diane@dianekane.com with any questions.(On the left/north side of the street; look for the Hen Sen Herbs, a business on the front end of the building.  Be sure to park in a spot that is not numbered.)


We ask for a $5 donation at the Bellevue location to defray the cost of the space.

 Meeting dates:  5/2, 5/16, 5/30, 6/13 etc.

 Please contact Diane Kane at diane@dianekane.com with any questions.


A month ago, I joined Microsoft!  Microsoft Services Staffing – the Enterprise Strategy Business.

After 14 years as an independent headhunter, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to drive the hiring of great talent for this exciting new business!

Microsoft Enterprise Strategy is a strategic new business within Microsoft Services. Our mission is to accelerate Microsoft’s global and major customers towards their business goals by helping them realize maximum business value from their Microsoft products and services. Our tag line, Business before Technology, captures the essence of how our customers think of their technology investments—a powerful means to achieve their end goals.

So, this new phase of my career is allowing me to stretch in many new ways, managing two great talent sourcers, creating a worldwide community focused on hiring Enterprise Architects who are changing the world.

You can reach me at tdahl@microsoft.com

Event Marketing Manager

Contract to Full Time

The Pathwise Leadership Program is a professional and personal development program for the next level of leadership – leaders who want to learn, understand and leverage the subtle but powerful dynamics beneath the surface of all human and organizational behavior. Members of Pathwise learn advanced and highly effective skills gleaned from depth psychology and neuroscience.  When acquired and integrated, these skills transform leaders and organizational consultants, and, in turn, strengthen their relationships and their companies.

Because of its unique programs and the ongoing referrals or our members, Pathwise is the fastest growing leadership development firms in the area, transforming leaders in some of the biggest companies in the area – including Microsoft, Boeing, and Expedia.   We are now ready to expand our work to reach even more high potential leaders and are looking for an energetic and passionate individual to help us reach our next levels of success!

Pathwise has created a proven and effective introduction to our work called “Opens”.  We co-host free (or nominally-priced) two-hour sessions with professional associations and corporations several times each week.  In these very experiential and interactive sessions, participants experience the power of the Pathwise approach and from each session, participants join the year-long Pathwise Leadership Program.

As the Event Marketing Manager, you will establish new relationships with professional communities and organizations offering them the opportunity to promote our unique Pathwise Opens to their membership.  Pathwise already has partnerships within Microsoft, the Harvard Business School Club, the MIT club, and The Executive Alliance.  You will be responsible for generating new Open opportunities, as well as following up on leads generated by Pathwise management.  You will identify professional and/or alumni associations that would be a match for Pathwise Opens, make initial contact, and set up meetings for the co-founders, Chad Hattrup, PhD, and Todd Hollow-Bist, PsyD, to meet with the group’s decision makers.  The Event Marketing Manager will be responsible for all logistics and management of the Open events.  Pathwise management will be responsible for enrolling participants into the full Pathwise programs.

The Event Marketing Manager will report directly to one of the Founders and would be involved in all aspects of marketing, planning and events management.  This position will be contract and part-time (approximately 20-30 hours a week) for approximately six months, offering an hourly rate, plus variable compensation for delivering results.  Our intent is to convert this role into full-time as the business grows. 

As a special incentive for the selected candidate, you will be able to attend the Pathwise Leadership Program, working directly with top leaders in the Pacific Northwest and learning the most unique and impactful tools available. 


If you find this opportunity to be compelling and would like to explore the possibilities, send your resume and cover letter to teresa@dahlassociates.com.

And, it was great fun!  Completed the search in less than 60 days and got great reviews from the VP of HR, as well as the hiring team.  They were incredible partners to work with and I’d relish another opportunity to work with them.

You know, all too often, we third-party recruiters, headhunters, as treated as a necessary evil, rather than a partner in a company’s hiring efforts.  DirecTV Sports Network was the best example of conducting this search in partnership with me.  They were very clear about their needs, requirements, objectives for the role, etc.  And, when I had ideas to improve the process for the candidates and the hiring team, they were very open and collaborative.

Together, we made all the candidates feel great about the process and respected in the process.  That’s great PR for a company, a very relevant by-product of partnering with a professional headhunter.

Always love working with people like those at DirecTV Sports Network, especially Cedra DuFlon-Heide, Vice President of Human Resources!  Gotta give credit where credit is due!

Vice President of Marketing

Position Announcement

DIRECTV Sports Networks is a controlled subsidiary of DIRECTV and is comprised of three regional sports networks, which include FSN Northwest, FSN Pittsburgh and FSN Rocky Mountain (and sub-region FSN Utah). The three networks combined reach more than 8.5 million viewers across 17 states and own exclusive programming and distribution partnerships with more than 25 teams and conferences. Through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and other countries in Latin America, DIRECTV, the world’s most popular television service, serves more than 18.4 million customers in the United States and over 6.1 million customers in Latin America.

The VP of Marketing and Communications will be responsible for the strategic direction and execution of all marketing and communications in support of brand awareness and revenue generation for DIRECTV Sports Networks.  You will oversee all brand management, online/offline marketing, internal and external communications, team, partner and affiliate marketing, sales collateral, on-air promotions, and social media activities.  You will manage the regional marketing teams, as well as all external resources required to achieve the business objectives.  The successful candidate must be a confident and respectful leader, highly creative and analytical, with the ability to build support for new ideas and effectively communicate complex concepts to diverse stakeholders. 

This position will report to the CEO, is based in our Corporate Offices in Seattle and is a member of the Executive Team.  There are currently three regional marketing teams who will report to the VP of Marketing and Communications.

Essential Functions:

  • Work with the Executive Team in the development and execution of business priorities and objectives.
  • Develop and execute strategic and tactical marketing plans as well as monitoring results in order to ensure brand consistency across all platforms and the achievement of business goals and objectives.
  • Provide visionary oversight and creative direction to build and ensure consistency of the brand across all regions and platforms for DIRECTV Sports Networks. 
  • Provide leadership and direction for all regionally based marketing employees, in cooperation with the general managers in those regions.
  • Manage the On Air Promotions function to ensure that all elements support the overall brand, programming and business objectives


  • Manage public relations for all regions of DIRECTV Sports Networks
  • Ensure that all sales collateral is effective, consistent and best in class
  • Negotiate, oversee and optimize  all contractually obligated marketing with teams,  affiliates and other partners
  • Responsible for the management of creative deliverables from internal and external sources, ensuring creative integrity, accuracy as well as ensuring budgets and deadlines are met
  • Work closely with executive producers, general managers, executive staff, marketing staff and affiliate relations staff on new initiatives and special projects


Required Skills & Abilities:

  • 10 years of marketing and/or creative services with at least 5 years in television and sports broadcasting, with an in-depth understanding of television sports production
  • Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Communication or a related field; MBA preferred
  • Articulate, strategic, and pragmatic problem-solver with ability to excel in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment
  • Experience as a successful member of a senior leadership team and effectively communicating with senior management and business partners; proven ability to achieve buy-in from senior executive stakeholders and execute well-defined and measurable projects and programs
  • Direct experience in managing relationships with major media partners and affiliate programs
  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams, projects and initiatives to a successful result
  • Successful in analyzing and measuring tangible results based on business objectives
  • Proven track record of developing and executing marketing strategy for various mediums to effectively promote brand awareness and drive sales
  • Experience with linear television and new media platforms for content delivery
  • Strong creative writing and communication skills, great creative instincts
  • Extensive experience with developing effective creative campaigns which utilize all methods of production i.e., editing, live action shoots, music usage, broadcast graphics, etc.



  • Market equity compensation, including bonuses, benefits, stock and pension plan.  Relocation will be provided, as necessary.

 Send confidential inquiry and resume to Teresa@DahlAssociates.com!

With over 50,000 job boards online, where should you spend your time?

Read this blog to see the Weddles.com recently published 2010 User’s Choice Awards, based on year long surveys of recruiters and candidates. 

Since we’re always telling you to network, network, network to find those job opportunities in the hidden job market, why would I tell you which online job boards to use?  Well, there are great jobs posted on these boards and there’s more you can gain from the job boards in addition to viable positions to apply for.

They can alert you to companies which are hiring in your area; companies which you did not realize were in a hiring mode.  Even if the position posted isn’t quite right for you, it may be another company for you to network your way into – for other opportunities, not yet posted!

Reviewing viable job descriptions, even if for companies out of your targeted list, may clue you into skills and accomplishments requested for your target jobs which you might want to include on your resume.  You want your resume to reflect the most often requested competencies and accomplishments.

Jobs posted online by recruiting firms may alert you to professionals who specialize in candidates just like you.  You will then want to get an introduction to them or contact them directly to develop a relationship for current and future opportunities with their clients.

And, of course, if you find a job that’s perfect for you, you will always do the following:

  • Research the company to find out about their business issues which you could address
  • Find the hiring manager’s name, so you can network your way to him/her
  • Find someone in the company who can personally introduce you to the hiring manager, preferably, or the internal recruiter handling that open position
  • Customize your resume to reflect the needs of the job description
  • Write a compelling cover letter to include with your application and emails to internal champions
  • Prepare a campaign strategy to get a meeting; don’t wait for them to call you
  • Follow-up until you get an answer!

As the author of this blog mentions, pick three job boards to focus on.  One general, one aggregate, and one specially focused on your market/target niche.

You should be spending the majority of your time face to face, networking your way to your next great career adventure!


We all know we need to network to conduct research, evaluate target companies, expand our network, etc.  I found this great diagram online for how to work a room – it covers it all, especially if you can find out who will be attending the event – you can really prepare and make your time worthwhile.

Remember, the more sincere questions you ask your new contact, the more brilliant they will find you.  And, curiosity is the perfect state of mind to maintain while ‘working a room’. 

What do you think of this strategy?

Networking – How to Work A Room Diagram