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I hear this all the time. “I just can’t get a headhunter to follow up with me. And, I know that I would be a great candidate for their clients, so what’s the deal?”

Well, in my experience there are at least three good reasons:

1) First of all, most resumes just aren’t very compelling. And, in order for clients to hire our candidates, the candidate must be standouts! They don’t need to pay us a fee to find qualified candidates, especially in this market. If you are responding to a posted opportunity, your resume should show accomplishments and credentials which fit the role at 90 – 100%. If you are not responding to a posted role, you will have to be a star in your field and fit the kind of roles that recruiter usually is hired to fill. It must be well organized, have no errors (you can’t imagine how many do have errors!) and be relevant. If the recruiter isn’t impressed within 20 -30 seconds, your resume may just get filed, or worse yet, deleted. Remember, recruiters want you to be exceptional, that’s how they make a living and get repeat business. So, help them help you!

2) You will have a better chance of getting a response if you are referred by one of their clients, a former candidate, or someone else who has built a relationship with the recruiter. I always return the calls when someone I trust and know refers someone to me. Here’s where LinkedIn or another networking site can be a great resource for you. Find someone who has a relationship with your target recruiter and ask them to introduce you.

3) Send an email, rather than calling first. We are usually overwhelmed with calls, to candidates, referring sources, and clients, and we just can’t get to all the calls, at least not when you want us to. Even if I can’t call you back, I can respond to your email, to schedule time to speak. And, I always prioritize my calls from referrals first!

If you are a great candidate, whose experience aligns with the specialty of the recruiter, and you follow these suggestions, you, too, can develop a relationship with a good recruiter.

Let me know how it goes!

P.S.  If you need help with your resume, I’d love to partner with you to make it as compelling as you are!


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Several of my clients have landed new jobs in the last few weeks and others are interviewing more than before, so these are good signs.

Will attribute their success to:

1.  Clients who have taken the time to clarify their value proposition, what they want and what they have to offer.

2.  Clients who make a plan, do their marketplace research, and work their plan daily.

3.  Clients who move outside of their comfort zone, expand their connections, and meet with new connections nearly every day.

4.  Clients who customize their resumes and cover letters/emails for each opportunity and find a connection to help them gain visibility inside their target organization.

5.  Clients who practice their interviewing skills with me and prepare effectively for their interviews.

There’s no magic to it, just strategic thinking, preparation and working their plans.

Let me know if I can be of help!

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