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With over 50,000 job boards online, where should you spend your time?

Read this blog to see the Weddles.com recently published 2010 User’s Choice Awards, based on year long surveys of recruiters and candidates. 

Since we’re always telling you to network, network, network to find those job opportunities in the hidden job market, why would I tell you which online job boards to use?  Well, there are great jobs posted on these boards and there’s more you can gain from the job boards in addition to viable positions to apply for.

They can alert you to companies which are hiring in your area; companies which you did not realize were in a hiring mode.  Even if the position posted isn’t quite right for you, it may be another company for you to network your way into – for other opportunities, not yet posted!

Reviewing viable job descriptions, even if for companies out of your targeted list, may clue you into skills and accomplishments requested for your target jobs which you might want to include on your resume.  You want your resume to reflect the most often requested competencies and accomplishments.

Jobs posted online by recruiting firms may alert you to professionals who specialize in candidates just like you.  You will then want to get an introduction to them or contact them directly to develop a relationship for current and future opportunities with their clients.

And, of course, if you find a job that’s perfect for you, you will always do the following:

  • Research the company to find out about their business issues which you could address
  • Find the hiring manager’s name, so you can network your way to him/her
  • Find someone in the company who can personally introduce you to the hiring manager, preferably, or the internal recruiter handling that open position
  • Customize your resume to reflect the needs of the job description
  • Write a compelling cover letter to include with your application and emails to internal champions
  • Prepare a campaign strategy to get a meeting; don’t wait for them to call you
  • Follow-up until you get an answer!

As the author of this blog mentions, pick three job boards to focus on.  One general, one aggregate, and one specially focused on your market/target niche.

You should be spending the majority of your time face to face, networking your way to your next great career adventure!



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