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And, it was great fun!  Completed the search in less than 60 days and got great reviews from the VP of HR, as well as the hiring team.  They were incredible partners to work with and I’d relish another opportunity to work with them.

You know, all too often, we third-party recruiters, headhunters, as treated as a necessary evil, rather than a partner in a company’s hiring efforts.  DirecTV Sports Network was the best example of conducting this search in partnership with me.  They were very clear about their needs, requirements, objectives for the role, etc.  And, when I had ideas to improve the process for the candidates and the hiring team, they were very open and collaborative.

Together, we made all the candidates feel great about the process and respected in the process.  That’s great PR for a company, a very relevant by-product of partnering with a professional headhunter.

Always love working with people like those at DirecTV Sports Network, especially Cedra DuFlon-Heide, Vice President of Human Resources!  Gotta give credit where credit is due!


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