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Several of my clients have landed new jobs in the last few weeks and others are interviewing more than before, so these are good signs.

Will attribute their success to:

1.  Clients who have taken the time to clarify their value proposition, what they want and what they have to offer.

2.  Clients who make a plan, do their marketplace research, and work their plan daily.

3.  Clients who move outside of their comfort zone, expand their connections, and meet with new connections nearly every day.

4.  Clients who customize their resumes and cover letters/emails for each opportunity and find a connection to help them gain visibility inside their target organization.

5.  Clients who practice their interviewing skills with me and prepare effectively for their interviews.

There’s no magic to it, just strategic thinking, preparation and working their plans.

Let me know if I can be of help!


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Hello world!

Well, finally, I’ve created a presence on the web!  After only twelve years in business, as a consultant, recruiter, and coach, I guess it’s time for me to make it just a bit easier for folks to find me.

This is just a beginning, though.  As I learn more, this site will grow to include well-proven strategies for career transition, hiring, opportunities in high tech and the non-profit world.  I want to help people find their right livelihood, fulfilling and challenging work that makes a difference.

So, this is just a short note of introduction.

Stay tuned…

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